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Is that the presence of other mahou shoujo that she feels?

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♥ - Love headcanon

For Mami, love is a weighty word that she doesn’t take lightly. Before her time as a mahou shoujo, she did get crushes on some of the boys in her class. However, upon the death of her parents and the contract she forged with Kyubey, Mami accepted that she would never again lead a normal life. In addition to the loss of her friends, Mami closed her heart to any sort of romantic entanglement. While before she’d gotten a few love confessions, her repeated rejections soon gave her the reputation of someone who was frigid. It could be said that Mami is scared to open her heart and love another person - the pain it would cause them if she died in the line of duty far outweighs the happiness that would gain through a relationship with her.

♠ - Painful headcanon

Though she’d never admit to it, Mami is a highly sensitive person. It’s very easy for her feelings to be hurt - even if the person who harmed them didn’t mean to. Mami, sadly, is the type of person who takes the things people say in the worst way possible. However, instead of allowing people to know that they’ve harmed her, Mami tends to internalize that pain. Because of this, she’s the type of person who both wants to hold people close to her and wants to express how much they have hurt her. In the end, Mami oftentimes allows herself to be consumed with pain and loneliness because she simply can’t reach out for help without revealing her true thoughts and feelings.

▼ - Childhood headcanon

As a child, Mami was enamored by stories of women who fought for the protection of others. She would sometimes invent stories of bravery and act them out with her toys in such a way that the heroine would swoop in and save everyone at the last moment. In Mami’s stories, no one ever died and good always triumphed over evil. For the majority of her childhood, this was exactly the sort of thing she believed in. This belief was shattered the day her parents died, leaving Mami to pick up the pieces and rebuild her sense of justice.

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Honesty Hour! Ask my character any question and they will have to answer it honestly!


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♠ - Painful headcanon

♥ - Love headcanon

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Ruki felt Mami’s warm fingers close around his free hand, pulling it up towards her neck with a gentle tug and he made no attempt to stop her. He was focused on her words - on her flat out refusal to stop associating with those men she called her friends. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly. They had no right to touch her. They had no right to be anywhere near her and they never would be again if Ruki had anything to say about it. Mami was his. They had discussed this so many times by now that he was almost getting tired of repeating it. Mine mine mine. He wanted to etch the word into the pale flesh of her neck so that any who saw it would know. Ruki Mukami was a jealous, bitter man and what was his was his alone. No one would take it from him.

Mami had pressed his fingers to the carotid artery of her neck, just beside her throat, and he could clearly feel the rapid thumping of her pulse beneath his fingertips. It pulled his thoughts from the jealous mess they had been descending into, focusing it entirely on that feeling. He could count the number of beats in every moment, could practically feel the blood coursing up into her brain through the thin membrane of her skin. She was so fragile. So flimsy. One bite in just the right place and she would bleed out and soak him in her sweet smelling blood. Ruki let out a rumbling groan. Tease. Her actions coupled with the weight of her words had diverted his attention completely, which was now focused on covering up the scent of her friends - he almost growled at the thought - with his own.


Without moving his hand from where it was pressed into her neck, Ruki rubbed the side of his face against her skin like a cat. His hair brushed up against her jaw as he moved to do the same thing to the other side of her neck. He would have moved further down her body to properly finish the marking but feeling the spikes in her heartbeat as he touched her was incredibly distracting. Pressing his thumb against her skin, Ruki swept it gently back and forth over the vein and counted the thump thump thumps of her heartbeat. It was definitely beating irregularly. He smirked. Incredible. His touch had such an influence on her, even when it was as light as this. “Only me,” His words were light with amusement. “Only I can touch you this way.”

Mami got just the reaction she’d expected. Ruki’s face was growing ever-cloudier with anger and jealousy at her words. If she continued on this path, Mami was sure that she’d infuriate him to the point of being harmed. And so it could be said that she was thankful for the distraction that her heartbeat provided. Though Mami couldn’t tell exactly what it was he was thinking, his body did seem to relax the tiniest bit. Whereas before it felt like Ruki was preparing for a fight, he seemed more like a predator at rest. In fact, he seemed almost entirely focused on her neck. Mami supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised by this newfound attention she’d gained. After all, she’d been the one to lead his hand to the thin flesh that covered her neck.

What he did next, though, surprised her. One moment, he was merely growling and gazing at her neck. The next he was rubbing his face against it. At once, the blonde’s breath caught and her heart pounded in her chest. Mami’s cheeks grew red in embarrassment. However, she was also aware that this could be a herald to more violent acts. And so, gently, Mami lifted her free hand and bruied her fingers into his hair. Carefully, she combed them though the dark strands in a way that she hoped would prove soothing. Whether it worked or not, she didn’t know. At the very least, he seemed a great deal less displeased than he had been before. When he lifted his head, she knew the way she was looking up at him was no doubt enticing. Wide-eyed and flushed.

"Ruki-sama." Gently, Mami lifted herself off the bed only partially until their foreheads met. She couldn’t afford to let him slip back down into the violent thoughts that had occupied his mind only minutes before. "Only you, that’s right." Now more than ever, Mami was sure that Ruki retained his humanity. He was like a child, grasping at things he believed he owned selfishly - as if afraid someone would rip them from him. Mami was struck with a painful idea: had that happened to him before? "No one will take me from you." Perhaps that was what he needed to hear to finally calm himself. Perhaps those words would prove her salvation in the event that he got too jealous or too violent. Mami’s eyes met his evenly. "It’s okay. I promise. I won’t be stolen from you."

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The words of the other had an immediate effect. Frozen in the embrace, Green stiffened, and his mind processed the others words as fast as possible.
He could kill her easily. Right now if he wanted to, there were pens and markers in his bag, just one of them slipping out into his hand, driven into the back of her neck. It would be messy, bloody, but possible. And with her death, there was always a guaranteed reward, even if the trials were lost. 
It wasn’t the fact that she had suggested such a thing that had frozen him to his core. It was the fact that he immediately had several plans ready to go, like his subconscious had been waiting permission to start the game. For Green to become a player in this twisted world.

He shoved her back, before grabbing the collar of the shirt and holding her still. The eyes didn’t glare in anger, or burn with rage. 
His eyes started down at her with sheer disappointment. Complete misery and despair. The fact that he’d even considered it disgusted him, but the fact that she’d suggested it even further.


"Its horrible. Its painful. It hurts the people who care about you. Isn’t that what you told me.
Its not okay, it’ll hurt you if I die.

So why then, Mami. If my life is so precious, so sacred. Why can you throw yours away like its trash.”

Eyes gleaming down at her, Green continued to gaze at her with the same look he would show everyone that challenged him. The look that would examine them, detail them, uncover every last inch of what they were. She was alone. She was utterly pure. But it was beyond any normal sense of it, she was broken. She gave up everything and anything for the sake of others, she would endlessly throw herself in front of the bus to save whoever it was, even if it was Jack the Ripper about to die.
Without much effort, he lifted the girl to her toes by the collar, eyes glaring endlessly into her. 
"If this is the life you want to live, then I will be the bad guy. I will lock you away so no one can hurt you.
What your doing isn’t justice. It isn’t good, it isn’t the light, the hand of god, whatever you believe in.

What you are doing. Is stupid. Childish. 
There is nothing just or pure about it. You don’t understand the world at all, and you’d sooner throw yourself to the wolves then see it.
You would have me play Monobears game, on a maybe. On the off chance Eevee will return to me if I slaughter you. I would rather join the idiocy of the rebellions then believe that.

So I think I’ll lock you away, until you’re ready to admit what reality is. Unless you want to try stop me.”

Mami barely stumbled back when Green shoved her away - a brief look of pain on her features from the force of it. However, she had already adopted a calm expression by the time he’d taken hold of her shirt collar. Gazing up at him in silence, Mami noted the expression in his eyes. Ah. So that was how he felt. Was he disappointed that he couldn’t do it? Disappointed in her for suggesting it? Or perhaps he was disappointed in himself for considering his options. Mami’s face remained expressionless as she listened to him speak. And when he was finished, she took a deep breath - taking the time to speak while he examined her. “My life isn’t precious like your’s is.”

Giving herself a moment to consider her words carefully, Mami looked away with a small smile. “There’s no one left who would mourn me when I’m gone. My parents passed away long ago. I never made friends after I took up my duty as a magical girl. But Green-san has a family and many friends that are waiting for him to come home. So if I can help you escape or help you not to despair, I’ll do it.” Having said what she wanted to say, Mami slowly lifted her gaze back up to his face. What she saw surprised her. He was examining her intently, as if trying to unravel the type of person she was. Her golden gaze only softened.

In fact, Mami didn’t react much. Even when he pulled her further up so that she was forced to stand on her tiptoes, she didn’t react at all. “Why do you want to protect me?” It was a question meant to pierce him to his very core. “Even if this isn’t justice, it’s something. It’s helping you. I never considered myself to be a warrior of anything but justice. I wanted to protect people. But I can’t do that here. I’m useless in every sense of the word. So if by dying I can offer Green-san some comfort, I’ll do it. Even if it’s a chance. Then I’d be a little useful. Right?” A pause. Mami smiled gently. “I’m aware of the reality and weight of my decision. But no one is left to mourn me in my world.”

Lock her away? Mami’s brows furrowed. “You wouldn’t do that. You have no reason to protect me from being hurt. Even so, I wouldn’t fight Green-san if he wanted to do that. I don’t want to harm you.”


Ruki watched as Mami hurried from the room, his smirk growing ever so slightly as he lowered his arm back over his eyes. Judging by the haste with which she’d left, there was little doubt in his mind that she would return within the time limit he’d set. Whether that was because she was eager to return to his presence or simply because she feared the alternative consequences, Ruki did not particularly care. As long as she returned to him swiftly, he was satisfied. It was exactly ten minutes later that the door creaked open again and someone entered his room. His smirk remained. He’d been correct.

He didn’t need to open his eyes to know it was her - he could smell her before she’d even opened the door. Without moving from his current position, Ruki spoke, listening carefully to her movements as she shuffled around his room. “You’re very nearly late,” He said casually as she sat back down on the bed beside him, shifting his arm so that he could look over at her. Her face was flushed, suggesting that she really had rushed her way back in the nick of time. With a murmur of thanks, Mami shuffled forward to climb into his lap, pressing her face into his shoulder for a brief moment before once again exposing the side of her neck where his last bite marks were still healing.

Ruki’s pupils dilated at the sight and he let out a quiet hum of approval, pulling her gently further up his body so that she was laying across his chest, giving him better access to her neck. “A reward I shall gladly claim.” Ruki murmured to her with a soft little grin, burying his face in the crook of her neck. Ah. Her scent. Intoxicating as always. He ran his nose slowly up the column of her throat, letting out a hushed, rumbling moan as he inhaled. The fragrance of her blood was so much stronger here than anywhere else. He could detect his own scent on her, but only faintly. The scents of other men, however, were much more apparent.


"You’re covered in the scents of other men." Ruki breathed into her skin, nuzzling his nose just below her jaw. "You really are a troublesome one, Tomoe. Do you enjoy making me green with envy? Because it makes me most unhappy to smell anyone other than myself on you. Especially considering our agreement."

"But I’m not late. I said I’d be back on time and I was." Mami murmured the words back to him, clearly not thrilled to have such a comment made about her return despite making it back within the time limit. "I had the feeling that if I made you come get me, it wouldn’t be an especially pleasant night spent in your company." Mami noted the way his pupils dilated the moment he saw her neck. Once more, she was struck by just how much power she had over him. Allowing him to tug her against him without even the smallest of struggles, Mami decided to test him. "I’m glad. After all, I want to show my thanks properly."

Her head was tilted further to the side - allowing her neck to arch in a way that Mami was sure was quite fetching for Ruki. With the slowly-healing bite marks on her pale flesh, it must have been almost unbearable for him. She’d already seen what her blood was capable of doing to him. Even her scent alone was enough to illicit a response from him. What she hadn’t expected in this moment was a reprimand. Indignant, Mami huffed without pulling back. Movement would most likely only cause a more violent reaction. “My closest friends are male. Am I not allowed to spend time with them as well?” Gently, her hand took hold of the wrist of his unoccupied hand. How far could she push him, really? It was safe to say that Mami was curious of her sway over him.

Gently, the tips of his fingers were pressed to her neck. Beneath them, she was sure he could feel each beat of her heart. “I am not attempting to make you jealous. However, I won’t stop associating myself with them. While our agreement does make me your’s, it doesn’t stop me from interacting with others. I’m allowed to have friends.” Mami watched him evenly, curious to see how all of this would play out - if the tactile sensation of her pulse would distract him. If the promise of blood that awaited him just beneath his fingers would soften his resolve. “Ruki-sama doesn’t have any reason to be envious. I belong to Ruki-sama and Ruki-sama alone.” Her voice was soft, hushed. It might have been laying it on a bit thick, but Mami thought the effect to be quite nice when complimented with her heartbeat.

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Green excelled at hiding emotions. Remaining stotic in the face of overwhelmingly despairing odds, burying away all worry so that his opponent could never see weakness.
When faced with something like tears, flowing or held behind a damn of will, it wasn’t easy for him to formulate any successful plan to cope with it.

"I  Mami, look….”

His words, evidently were chosen incredibly poorly. Especially considering her multiple meetings with this islands sadistic game. The result, an overly passionate girl biting back her emotions in the face of the teen who’d told her time and again that her tears annoyed him, caught between who she was and who she thought Green wanted to see. Any way to continue his original train of thought was cut short, the words unable to escape his throat.
Why she would care was beyond him. He was nothing more then an ass, in fact he’d just openly treated her like dirt with no apparent remorse for his actions. And she still cared? 
People like her were beyond any sort of common sense, apparently.

The memories of his past assaulted him the more he talked to this girl. The figure clad in red continued to taunt him, as if he was just that little bit ahead of Green, just one turn before him. And it drove Green insane to remember it. To remember that he was second to someone so….good.
And as the other wrapped her arms around his form, Green stood in an awkward embrace, unsure whether to return it or let her continue. He would raise an arm, wrapping it around her shoulders and holding her still, a sigh escaping his lips. 


"I honestly don’t know why you care so much….
I can’t change who I am and I don’t intend to. My memory might not be perfect but I’m well aware that being a cynical ass has saved my home town more then once. Its the only way I know how to survive, and evidently I’m going to have to stay alive if I don’t want you crying again.
All I can promise is that I’ll act like me around you at least…”
Resting his own head atop the others, the teen let out another tired sigh, sarcasm and taunts leaving his attitude entirely. She wanted to know who he was, see what the people in his past always saw. Unfortunately for her, what he was, really was nothing more then a world class jerk, who’s best talents really were nothing more then the ability to hurt others.
His words continued, though they were less to calm her, and more to offer a warning. A warning, that he was running out of ways to cope with what the bear had over all of them.

"…Without Eevee….I’m no where near strong enough to deal with all of this. I’m starting to think killing someone off is the only way I’m going to get her back"

Mami hadn’t expected Green to return her embrace. At once, her golden eyes opened wide and she gazed up at Green in surprise. What she saw shocked her. He usually seemed self-confident, perhaps even a little bit cocky. But the Green she saw in that moment looked…sad. So painfully sad and lonely. So that was the type of person he was. Perhaps this was Green’s true self - the self he strove to hide behind all his cruel words and jokes. And in that moment, Mami Tomoe understood him. There was so much hidden pain. One hand balled the fabric of his shirt in it’s fist as she held him. She’d protect him, too. Even if he believed he didn’t deserve it, she’d protect him.

"I care because you’re good. Beneath it all, you’re a good person. Even if you say cruel things from time to time or try to hurt others, you’re a good person. Green-san must be so lonely. I understand, too. It hurts a little bit to be here, away from everyone and everything I used to know. Green-san probably feels the same pain, too. Since I was alone in my world, it must mean that the pain I feel can’t compare to the way you feel. But I think that you aren’t a jerk. And I don’t think that you don’t need to be cruel or cynical to survive. I think by being close to others and allowing yourself to lean on them, you strengthen your chances of survival." Smiling softly, Mami blinked as Green’s head came to rest upon her own. She wasn’t used to such intimacy - the evidence of such very clear on her cheeks.

For a moment, she remained silent as Green confessed what she assumed to be one of his darkest thoughts since coming to the island. Mami’s eyelids slid until they were half-closed. So that was it? He felt weak without whatever this ‘Eevee’ was. Perhaps if he got it back, he’d stop suffering. “You can kill me.” Her voice was strangely calm. “You’d have to go on trial, of course. I doubt that if you confessed, it would mean you’d get her back. But I wouldn’t fight. It would be very easy. If it allows you to regain her and your strength with her, then I will do it.” There were no more tears. However, there was also no smile present on her features. It seemed that she was serious. “I don’t want you to be lonely or sad. So if I have to die to ensure that, it’s not so bad. Please, kill me.”


There it was again - her stubbornness. Ruki knew that if he didn’t relent and let Mami up, she would not stop protesting until it began to grate on his nerves. He did not want to lose his temper with her, especially not when she seemed so willing to do as he’d asked. His eyes were immediately drawn down to her neck when she tilted her head, taking in the angry red bite mark on her neck that had yet to heal from his last feeding. The sight made him tense up in anticipation, tongue flicking out to wet his lips almost subconsciously.

However, he had to let her up. With another little huff through his nose and a long groan, thick with irritation, Ruki rolled off of her, falling back onto the bed and throwing an arm over his eyes. “Go, then. Get whatever you need for the night and bring it here. You have exactly ten minutes.” He lifted his arm briefly, cracking an eye open to look over at her with another smirk. “And if you take any longer than that, know that I will come and collect you myself.”


Mami Tomoe needed to hurry. After seeing her neck, the burn of his thirst was once again at the forefront of his mind. He would not take too much from her. Not tonight. Even though she had said she’d allow him to take as much as he pleased. No, tonight was about forming the basis of that emotional connection. He needed to be gentle, patient. Feeding from her until she blacked out would defeat the whole purpose.

Mami couldn’t help but feel relieved as Ruki pushed himself off of her. It gave her time to gather her thoughts - a time that was rather short-lived as he’d begun talking. “Ten minutes?” Mami’s first impulse was to argue. However, knowing that to be a waste of her time, she merely slid off of the bed and stood. “I’ll try.” Glancing at her watch to time herself, Mami rushed from the room as quickly as she could without making herself look foolish.

When she finally retuned with barely thirty seconds left to spare, Mami carried with her a bag that seemed full to the point of bursting. In addition to two changes of clothes, she’d also managed to shove in her toothbrush and toothpaste as well as shampoo and a blanket. Placing the bag against the wall beside the doorway, Mami removed her shoes before silently returning to the bed. “Thank you, Ruki-sama.” It was strange. Seemingly out of nowhere, she was drawn to him. She wanted to be close. With one hand braced against the sheets, she climbed into his lap a second time.

The deaths of her two closest friends had clearly taken their toll on Mami Tomoe. That was the only reason she could see for her sudden interest in being close to him. Settling down against him a second time, Mami buried her face briefly into his shoulder before pulling back ever-so-slightly and offering her neck to him just as she had before. “A deal is a deal. Ruki-sama was kind enough to let me collect my belongings. As promised, my blood is your reward.”

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