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To: Wright-san
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In the future, please be careful with how you address Gavin-san. He isn’t a cut-rate attorney like you are. You should show him proper respect.

Honesty Hour! Ask my character any question and they will have to answer it honestly!


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Texting Meme

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Mami’s fingers combed gently through Ruki’s hair as he rubbed himself against her, her touch almost completely soothing the jealous haze that had settled over his mind. For the first time since he’d picked up the scents on her, he was able to think clearly. She was here with him now, pressed so close to him that he could hear every hitch in her breathing, every thump of her heartbeat. His jealousy was justified, of course, but that was all that mattered at the moment. She was here and readily offering herself to him. He lifted his head again to look up into her flushed face, taking in her wide eyes and the dark blush that was dusting her cheeks. In that moment, Ruki wanted nothing more than to bite but he held himself back a moment longer.


To hear her saying those words - I promise. I won’t be stolen from you - allowed him to let out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. So she was finally accepting this. She had pressed their foreheads together and Ruki was forced to stare down into her eyes, shining so brightly with emotion in the dim light of his room. He was transfixed - they were the colour of molten gold and shimmered with emotion in much the same way. Her expression was not one of pity but one of understanding. It was almost a relief to see it and Ruki’s smirk reappeared on his lips, much softer this time. “I’m glad to hear it. And since you’ll be with me from now on, I’ll be sure to take care of you.” He wasn’t sure where these words came from but he felt compelled to say them. “I wouldn’t want anything of mine to end up broken or sick or injured.” His thumb stroked slowly over her pulse point again and he swallowed thickly. Patience, Ruki.

For a brief moment, Mami thought she recognized relief in Ruki’s eyes. As if he’d been worried that she really would be taken from him. As if he’d doubted his power over her or her loyalty. True, he’d done nothing to deserve it except obey her demands not to hurt anyone else. When he finally pulled back from her, she could see that the look in his eyes had changed. Whatever sincere emotion that was one there was replaced with the normal self-assured expression. This one, however, was tinted by a hint of hunger. Ah. Right. It must have been torture for her to be so close to him when he hadn’t eaten in the past day or so. Mami, once again, reminded herself that she was only food to him. Nothing more, nothing less.

"So then take care of me." She didn’t realize how soft her voice was or how much it shook until she’d spoken. Once more, Mami was thankful for the fact that they were alone. It would be bad if someone heard her encouraging him like that. Still, there was some reasoning behind it. If she encouraged him and gained his trust, there was a chance she could help him. A chance that he wouldn’t want to drop her when it became convenient for him. Her stomach dropped when he spoke a second time. "If Ruki-sama watches over me, then nothing will harm me." Until she had her Soul Gem back, she was effectively helpless. Mami was keenly aware of that. Almost as aware as she was of the thumb gently rubbing the area where her pulse could be felt most strongly. "You haven’t eaten in some time. You need to take proper care of yourself." Gently, Mami pulled him closer until his face was in the crook of her neck.

It was a strange thing to feel something akin to tender emotions for someone you were supposed to hate. Or, at the very least, dislike. Mami was sure that if she didn’t control her emotions better in the future, something inside of her would shatter. But for now, the blonde curled herself against Ruki almost protectively as her fingers stroked through his hair. “I’ve forgotten to warn you: there are people here who don’t like vampires. It’s okay, though. We’re alone right now, so no one will see.”

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Is that the presence of other mahou shoujo that she feels?

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♥ ♠ ▼

♥ - Love headcanon

For Mami, love is a weighty word that she doesn’t take lightly. Before her time as a mahou shoujo, she did get crushes on some of the boys in her class. However, upon the death of her parents and the contract she forged with Kyubey, Mami accepted that she would never again lead a normal life. In addition to the loss of her friends, Mami closed her heart to any sort of romantic entanglement. While before she’d gotten a few love confessions, her repeated rejections soon gave her the reputation of someone who was frigid. It could be said that Mami is scared to open her heart and love another person - the pain it would cause them if she died in the line of duty far outweighs the happiness that would gain through a relationship with her.

♠ - Painful headcanon

Though she’d never admit to it, Mami is a highly sensitive person. It’s very easy for her feelings to be hurt - even if the person who harmed them didn’t mean to. Mami, sadly, is the type of person who takes the things people say in the worst way possible. However, instead of allowing people to know that they’ve harmed her, Mami tends to internalize that pain. Because of this, she’s the type of person who both wants to hold people close to her and wants to express how much they have hurt her. In the end, Mami oftentimes allows herself to be consumed with pain and loneliness because she simply can’t reach out for help without revealing her true thoughts and feelings.

▼ - Childhood headcanon

As a child, Mami was enamored by stories of women who fought for the protection of others. She would sometimes invent stories of bravery and act them out with her toys in such a way that the heroine would swoop in and save everyone at the last moment. In Mami’s stories, no one ever died and good always triumphed over evil. For the majority of her childhood, this was exactly the sort of thing she believed in. This belief was shattered the day her parents died, leaving Mami to pick up the pieces and rebuild her sense of justice.

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Honesty Hour! Ask my character any question and they will have to answer it honestly!


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Put one (or more) of the symbols in my inbox and I’ll make a specific headcanon


■ - Violent headcanon

♦ - Emotional headcanon

✿ - Happy headcanon

● - Sad headcanon

♠ - Painful headcanon

♥ - Love headcanon

♡ - Sex headcanon

☆ - Appearence headcanon

☠ - Death headcanon

♒ - Family headcanon

☮ - Friendship headcanon

▼ - Childhood headcanon

∇ - Old age headcanon

☄ - Food headcanon

★ - Education headcanon

Some fun Munday asks!

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☑: An OTP with your Muse in it (if you have any).
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☁: Favorite part of RPing.
✉: Any RPers the Mun admires.
▶: A talent of the Mun's (besides RPing, of course!)
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Ruki felt Mami’s warm fingers close around his free hand, pulling it up towards her neck with a gentle tug and he made no attempt to stop her. He was focused on her words - on her flat out refusal to stop associating with those men she called her friends. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly. They had no right to touch her. They had no right to be anywhere near her and they never would be again if Ruki had anything to say about it. Mami was his. They had discussed this so many times by now that he was almost getting tired of repeating it. Mine mine mine. He wanted to etch the word into the pale flesh of her neck so that any who saw it would know. Ruki Mukami was a jealous, bitter man and what was his was his alone. No one would take it from him.

Mami had pressed his fingers to the carotid artery of her neck, just beside her throat, and he could clearly feel the rapid thumping of her pulse beneath his fingertips. It pulled his thoughts from the jealous mess they had been descending into, focusing it entirely on that feeling. He could count the number of beats in every moment, could practically feel the blood coursing up into her brain through the thin membrane of her skin. She was so fragile. So flimsy. One bite in just the right place and she would bleed out and soak him in her sweet smelling blood. Ruki let out a rumbling groan. Tease. Her actions coupled with the weight of her words had diverted his attention completely, which was now focused on covering up the scent of her friends - he almost growled at the thought - with his own.


Without moving his hand from where it was pressed into her neck, Ruki rubbed the side of his face against her skin like a cat. His hair brushed up against her jaw as he moved to do the same thing to the other side of her neck. He would have moved further down her body to properly finish the marking but feeling the spikes in her heartbeat as he touched her was incredibly distracting. Pressing his thumb against her skin, Ruki swept it gently back and forth over the vein and counted the thump thump thumps of her heartbeat. It was definitely beating irregularly. He smirked. Incredible. His touch had such an influence on her, even when it was as light as this. “Only me,” His words were light with amusement. “Only I can touch you this way.”

Mami got just the reaction she’d expected. Ruki’s face was growing ever-cloudier with anger and jealousy at her words. If she continued on this path, Mami was sure that she’d infuriate him to the point of being harmed. And so it could be said that she was thankful for the distraction that her heartbeat provided. Though Mami couldn’t tell exactly what it was he was thinking, his body did seem to relax the tiniest bit. Whereas before it felt like Ruki was preparing for a fight, he seemed more like a predator at rest. In fact, he seemed almost entirely focused on her neck. Mami supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised by this newfound attention she’d gained. After all, she’d been the one to lead his hand to the thin flesh that covered her neck.

What he did next, though, surprised her. One moment, he was merely growling and gazing at her neck. The next he was rubbing his face against it. At once, the blonde’s breath caught and her heart pounded in her chest. Mami’s cheeks grew red in embarrassment. However, she was also aware that this could be a herald to more violent acts. And so, gently, Mami lifted her free hand and bruied her fingers into his hair. Carefully, she combed them though the dark strands in a way that she hoped would prove soothing. Whether it worked or not, she didn’t know. At the very least, he seemed a great deal less displeased than he had been before. When he lifted his head, she knew the way she was looking up at him was no doubt enticing. Wide-eyed and flushed.

"Ruki-sama." Gently, Mami lifted herself off the bed only partially until their foreheads met. She couldn’t afford to let him slip back down into the violent thoughts that had occupied his mind only minutes before. "Only you, that’s right." Now more than ever, Mami was sure that Ruki retained his humanity. He was like a child, grasping at things he believed he owned selfishly - as if afraid someone would rip them from him. Mami was struck with a painful idea: had that happened to him before? "No one will take me from you." Perhaps that was what he needed to hear to finally calm himself. Perhaps those words would prove her salvation in the event that he got too jealous or too violent. Mami’s eyes met his evenly. "It’s okay. I promise. I won’t be stolen from you."

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